“Let’s Get Together… Ya Ya Ya!”

Oh the Parent Trap.

Let’s Work Together! This was found over at The Ed Buzz.

In this article the author suggests that public schools and charter schools work together. You don’t need to have a good knowledge of either system to get behind this very valid point. Here’s what I got from the article:

  • Charter school have 2 different ‘camps’. One that is super awesome and wants to educate kids, the other is a less awesome side that’s more focused on the business side of things.
  • Charter school teachers have no tenure/union, get paid less. They also may not have handicapped students in the classes (as the schools can not ‘accept’ those students)
  • Public school teachers are ‘protected’ by a union, and have a salary grid. They also have to follow the rules that govern the schools.

What would happen if we mixed the public system that protected the teachers and had a few good rules with the passion and edu-business side of the Charter system?

2 thoughts on ““Let’s Get Together… Ya Ya Ya!”

  1. Actually Jazzman, I’ll be writing about that in the future. But, just to let you know, the way we do it is that we recruit charters who care about the kids and then we – as the district – do the business services to make sure everything stays on the up and up. They also have three rules – I won’t get into right now. However, I will tell you that one of them it that they can’t “live better than me.” What I mean by that is that I better not start seeing big salaries for management – or else.

    Thanks for following me.

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