Teacher Organization Binder

So I recently joined Pinterest which is this neat little site where you can make an online ‘bulletin board’. I have a couple of boards (Food, Fashion, Quotes and Quotations, Favorite Books, etc.) but the most relevant is my Education Ideas board. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot from that board in the next few months.

I actually found this from another post by a peer from University. If you click through to the original post you can see all the sections and it looks pretty darn good. Sometimes I just have such a hard time keeping all of my stuff together. I have a calender which I keep all of my stuff in as well as the calender app on my iPhone, but I also have marking, grades, comments, etc. that I need to keep track of. This totally has all those things, PLUS notes from staff meetings, team meetings, AND PLCs!!! This could also be a valuable set-up for when you need to have a sub in. It has all the information ready to go and all the sub has to do is read it.

Does anyone else have any other neat organizational ideas out there? We’d love to hear them!

One thought on “Teacher Organization Binder

  1. I tried the binder idea awhile ago, but it didn’t really work for me because things change so fast. Now I do all my planning on the computer.
    Calendars: Microsoft Word, one calendar per course I teach
    Grades: Excel spreadhsheets
    Overall Organization: Folders for each class and unit
    Student Information: Secure online database

    Reasons I love doing it this way:
    1. I can change the calendar without having to use an eraser. I just copy paste activities from day to day as things shuffle around.
    2. I can instantly perform stats on my grades on Excel and re-weight different assessments using formulas. No eraser necessary. I’ve found Excel to be much better and flexible at handling grades than any commercial marks program out there. Each reporting period, I enter the final grades into the obligatory marks program, but all the processing is done before that.
    3. Portability: USB stick. No paper.
    4. Searchable: I access my students’ contact information quickly with no flipping.

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