So, the ‘new’ music curriculum framework that the Alberta government put out a few years ago was mostly scrapped after negative feedback from educators, and as a result, is not scheduled to come out until 2017 (? don’t quote me on that exactly). Which even if it is a little ridiculous (music educators in Alberta haven’t had a new curriculum since about 1985), at least it’s a target.

Of course, the thought that came to my head was ‘How on earth do you design that?’ If you have another six years to put into creating a curriculum and then just beginning to implement it after that, how can you possibly be sure about what students will need to be learning then?

This isn’t really a gripe, just more of a reminder that as teachers we are not only expected to be magic fixers of all ignorance in the world today, we also need to be psychics with accurate visions of all possible future needs of our students.

What would you put in a curriculum for any subject that was going to be put into place 10 years from now?

My personal list of very general skills/knowledge:

– website design and online networking skills

– music performance across multiple genres, incorporating technology aids

– social issue discussion, with particular emphasis on human rights, the role of government, and implications of technology

– how to be a nicer person

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About Jazzman

I am a musician and teacher living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In addition to teaching and performing, I enjoy reading, chess, walking with my wife, and the occasional computer strategy game. In terms of my work, I have an interest in incorporating technology and reflection into music education, specifically in the area of assessment and evaluation.

One thought on “Curriculum

  1. I honestly think they should pose this question to future music educators. Disguise it as a project for them and go from there. They are the most recent out of the public system so they probably know best what’s needed in the schools, especially after being taught about the previous curriculum. Of course they haven’t had the classroom experience yet but I think it would be valuable to those creating the curriculum to see what they have to say.
    I think the musical genres is INSANELY important. So much is being missed in the earlier grades because the apparent inability to sit still for more than 30 seconds (I have proof that they can in fact sit quietly for up to 2 whole minutes). Even then you can still introduce important pieces in short bursts.
    Also, nicer people would help the world go round… 🙂

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