Junk Food Laws

Recently the school board I work for changed their policies on vending machines. As far as I know, all schools in the system have replaced pop/soda with healthier alternatives as well as the snacks machines. Some schools have even gone so far as to remove them entirely.

When I went to school (which was in the last 10 years) we still had all that ‘unhealthy’ stuff. I will admit that the occasional bag or chips or chocolate bar would be the perfect way to get over that failed test or whatever else had gone wrong in the day. I personally never abused this privilege but I sure know people who did.

I’m curious to know whether these new changes and laws (all over Canada and the United States) are actually going to make a difference in the lives of children?

Junk Food Laws May Help Curb Childhood Obesity This article found on Huffington Post Education, talks about a few studies done that prove that states with strong laws on junk food have kids who gain less weight at critical growth years. I encourage you to read it and form your own opinions.

I’m still going to encourage my students to learn about nutrition and make their own healthy decisions.

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