About the Writers

kayymm: Creator & Contributor. My main focus is in music education, but I’m up for anything. I have a curiosity for new knowledge and new techniques to be put to the test in the classroom. I’ve created this blog as resource and a place to share. My hope is for this to be somewhere teachers can go when they’re having one of those days or have one of those rare moments of free time.

My interests include (not limited to): music, technology integration, inclusion, reading, cooking, movies, traveling, and family.

Jazzman: I am a musician and teacher living in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In addition to teaching and performing, I enjoy reading, chess, walking with my wife, and the occasional computer strategy game. In terms of my work, I have an interest in incorporating technology and reflection into music education, specifically in the area of assessment and evaluation.

chanbiology20: coming soon!

More coming!


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