Introverted Students? No Worries

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Flipped Classroom

I’m sure a few of you have seen this already but I just think it’s the coolest. I also find this particularly funny because my last practicum was in a traditional learning center and it’s totally different and totally the same all at once. For example kids sit in their desks that face the front, but there are moment where they go to the carpet to learn, they watch videos on the SMARTboard, they’re even learning how to use iPods/Apps to help learn. Pretty cool eh?

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


How to Google

A fabulous infographic about how to Google.

I know a lot of teachers struggle with instructing their students how to search for things on the internet. Typically Google is used (occasionally others) and many students, and some teachers, don’t know how to use it properly. Take a look at the infographic and maybe it’ll even help you on your next search.

Childhood Obesity Epidemic Infographic

This is something that isn’t discussed enough. NOT (please detect the sarcasm). It’s all over the place but things just aren’t moving fast enough in the right direction. I don’t know too many schools in the board that I’m currently in that provide lunch for the students. Aside from “Fun Lunches” or special days and things like that. Most parents provide lunches for their kids. I think it’s the parents that need to be educated in providing well balanced lunches for their kids. Sadly there is no way to enforce this… Maybe we should go back to all the school providing lunch for their students?

‘Adopted’ from USC.