A colleague of mine passed this website on when I was teaching Grade 4 last year. I always had a million ideas of what to do for Art but I never really focused them or knew how to make them possible for 9/10 year olds. This nifty little website is art projects designed by teachers, run through their classes and then some even post the finished projects online for you to see. I found it so helpful in finding what I needed.
I will advocate for the amazing art museum the have on there. It is fairly easy to search for each level of student you are looking for and even a possible theme. Only downside is that you need to have a free account to access the lesson plans. On the bright side, not very many pesky emails (I’ve been a member for a year and I’ve only gotten 1 or 2). This comes with high recommendations from me (and a few past co-workers)!

Check out ArtSonia!


Apps for Autism

A few of you may have some students who are on the autism spectrum. I’m always curious as to how these students operate in a classroom as I’ve never had the opportunity to work with these students). I thought that this little website gave me a bit of a better handle on how to help these students if I ever come across it in my classroom.

Apps for Kids with Autism




The TapToTalk iPhone app gives your nonverbal child a voice, making it a great fit for many autistic children. Using the app, children can explicitly tell parents, siblings and teachers what they’re thinking about and need. TapToTalk is changing lives because it is portable and customizable if you purchase TapToTalk Designer.

Price: Free


Online Math Tools

As I said before the Math resources are coming! (Run for your LIVES!)

Found on Pinterest (yay!) this site has composed quite a few tools that are online and can be used in a variety of Math units. There is of course the usual calculator, but also 2 hundreds charts, a sticky numbers app, and one where you can see angles. There are a few others but I’ll let you discover those on your own.

The one that stood out for me is the teacher’s toolkit. It has all those things, plus some so teachers can pull them up on the computer or SMARTboard for whole/small group instruction. Enjoy!

8 Online Math Tools and Interactive Resources

SMART Resources

So for one of my final projects in my degree I worked on the effectiveness of a SMARTboard in a music classroom. Another side part of this was finding resources already out there to help aid teachers in their teaching. I will admit this was mainly music focused but there are a few in there that have other subjects as well! I hope that this will encourage you to use new technology in your classroom and to share anything neat you find on your own journey.

Teachers Love SMART boards

Bob’s Place of Educational Links (SMARTboards)

SMART Exchange

Interactive Whiteboard and Smart Boards at Internet 4 Classrooms

Smartboard in the Classroom