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Richard Turere: boy, English Language Learner, african, kid genius

May we all hope that our students think like this one day!


Sparks: How Youth Thrive

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This video was shown at a PD session I attended this last week. It was shown as a staff PD session where we were informed that the direction we were going in was a learning profile (I’ll talk on this later). But this video really highlights the fact that kids really need to have their strengths highlighted, even if it’s not somethings you’re good at.

It’s easier as a specialist to see those kids that are good at your classes. As a general teacher you need to take time to get to know your kids and to learn how they learn. This could mean multiple intelligence tests, personality bags, interest quiz, so on and so forth. Let me tell you there are a million different things out there to learn to get to know your student, but it’s important that you choose something that YOU can relate to. Even doing a personal example to show your students is really beneficial.

Once you know what kind of learner your students are you can keep moving towards finding their Spark(s). I highly suggest watching this video and sharing it with your peers and having a discussion. It may just even help your own teaching along the way!