Want to Contribute?

Hello Friends,

Hopefully these next few points will cover most of the main points of the blog and what we’re looking for right now. This can be changed later on, but I think this is a good place to start.

1. Please feel free to write about what you want. Only thing is that it has to apply to education in some way. Whether it’s in a classroom, an education program, field trips, resources etc.
2. Everything is welcome! Reviews, resources, journal entries (of experiences or other pals), papers (from classes or not), lists, infographics… etc!
3. I’ve set the goal and it’s 2 posts a week. This can be changed and I’m hoping that it will be more.
4. If you want to be a regular contributor:
– I would suggest getting an account with wordpress.com. It’s a fabulous site! Then let me know what your WordPress account e-mail is so I can add you to the blog as a contributor. It’s important that you send me your email and not your account name as that’s how you get added to this blog.
– You need to put a little bio together for the site. (emailed to me at k.milliken@me.com) If you don’t want to, that’s fine as well.
– You need to be willing to commit to 2 posts a month (at least).
5. If you want to be a random contributor:
– Email me your contribution at k.milliken@me.com whenever inspiration strikes! Or if you want send me your WordPress account email.
– If you want to have a bio, email me again to add it to the page.
6. I am always up to hear about suggestions for the blog/site. So feel free to let me know (email is above or just comment).

Thanks so much to everyone who expressed an interest in this blog. I really hope that it can be a resources for new (and old) teachers around the country (and soon the world!).


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